The New Generation in Welding Clamps


Higher Quality, Accurate Build

Image showing a tube welded with Angle-Rite and one without.

Angle-Rite® Clamp's patented weld distortion compensation reduces unwanted flaws from weld distortion and sets a NEW higher standard.

No more "Sorry, it's the best we can do."

Fully Integrated Cutting

Image of Miter-Notcher cutting tube attached to clamp with angles set.

Locks in your lengths, angles, and tube rotation. The cutting attachment cuts to the same point for fast, repeatable setups, reducing misalignment when notching both ends.

 Speeds production and reduces waste.

Jigging Made Easy


Many complicated structures can be completely jigged with just clamps. This eliminates time consuming cutting and grinding of tack welds when repositioning.

Saves lots of time.



Attempting to hold and tack weld joints on an independent standing structure can be frustrating and hazardous. 

Meet your new "Rite" hand man.



Worried about where weld spatter is going? Angle-Rite is two clamps in one. Structure can be moved and easily reassembled at a different, safer location.

Reduces risks.

Curves Ahead?


Other clamps don't negotiate curved tubing. Angle-Rite is the only clamp that holds onto and maintains the original curvature after welding.

What's your end result when using the Angle-Rite Clamp? A superior outcome.

The Angle-Rite Clamping System

 This video is a brief overview of how to join tube or pipe at specific angles using the Angle-Rite Clamp, as well as controlling distortion with the patented design and mitering or notching precise lengths and angles.  This video is not an official training, but rather a demonstration of what the clamp does and how it works.